Wednesday, July 05, 2006

now that's a trade

not a bunch of scrubs for derek fisher. not a bunch of expiring contracts. we're talking 2 players with huge upside who are completely different. i like the trade for both teams! CV's gonna get his 15/7 1 block 1 3PTM in bucktown. i think both teams are stuck with #1 overall pick centers. bargnani i'm kinda shitting on i dunno. i gotta see him but the 'soft and lack of hustle' rap sheet already!? bogut will be fine. a 9/8 guy when it's all said and done i think. a poor man's jamal magloire. ooooh where's jamal gonna go now?

tj for will be fine in toronto. i think his number might take a dip, but he's a good PG. the knock on him is he can't shoot threes, which is kinda retarded to me. at this day an age where centers can step back a drain a couple a game [ok the freak centers], a PG sgould be able to shoot threes enough so that the defenders have to play the 3pt line. i can never be a fan of TJ ford or someone like andre miller until they start draining threes. get to the gym! learn how to shoot that fucking shot!


Anonymous said...

Andrew, Andrew, this trade is a steal for the Bucks. TJ may be the quickest point in the NBA but he can't shoot a jump shot, never the less a three pointer. And he gets abused nightly on the defensive end.

Is there a better power forwar in the NBA at shooting the three than "V" already? Plus he can board. The guys going to be 20/10. Now if we can just get rid of Magloire.

earl boykins said...

yea there is a better PF who shoots the three... sheed? dirk? cliffy? al harrington? raef? radman? troy murphy? all better! remember, CV shot .327 from 3 PT. you have to ask yourself why the rap were so willing to trade him, euro pick or no euro pick. esp in this day and age, where size is at a premium...

ford ain't as bad as you think, but he's destined to be an 'energy off the bench' PG. but that's what i said, he can't shoot. 10/4/7 with 1.3 steals per doesn't suck darrin. hasn't he flirted with triples doubles before? dude is only 3 rebounds off nenad and curry!

Anonymous said...

41% from the field 33% from 3pt, 3 turnovers , fused neck, no D, one day maybe he'll be Rafer Alston.

Got me on the three shooting, Charlie's inside out game already puts him ahead of all the guys you mentioned but Sheed, Dirk , and Harrington, and what did they do their rookie years? (2nd in voting I might add to Paul)

Toronto would have been better off trading that bean pole #1 for Ford over The "V" Show!

Go Bucks!

earl boykins said...

bring more to the table darrin! TJ's at 41%, VC's at 46%. for a big man! TJ can't shoot 3's AT ALL. CV's inside out game has him at 33% 3PT. hm same as TJ! weird!

3TO's for someone who gets 7 dimes a game is great. he's a PG. of course he's gonna turn it over more than a PF. CV assist/TO 1.1/1.2. TJ ford? 6.6/3.0.

ok i understand that you're excited about charlie V. and i'm saying it was a good trade for both, but you may have convinced me that the raps got the better end?

and you're claiming ROY runner up!?