Sunday, July 23, 2006

also a bit late, but here is the review anyway

50 and whoo kid's 'Hate It or Love It' tape. i don't really concern myself with 50's arguements and politics, but it was hard to pass up this record. haha the cover is hilarious! so janky! the first skit is funny what can i say. and i love the pic of ja rule with the jiffy lube t-shirt on! and the fat joe shot with the UPS uniform? haha this is some good stuff. the tracks are actually solid on this one too, production wise. but i'm not totally rolling over with laughter either. maybe i never really got 50...

i dunno, i think the game's fine and all and the footage of him on blind date is a zinger, but 50 comes off a little insecure on this one. will this be the summer where rappers try to call out other rappers, and no one responds? Cam looks like a douche now, and if no one responds to this one 50's gonna seem like he's just full of hot air. do it 50! call him a pussy again! tell him you're gonna shoot him again! tell them that you make money again!

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