Wednesday, July 12, 2006


d. lee is the talk of the summer league! dude is putting up low double doubles! i know everyone is stressed about balkman and isiah, but i bet the knicks surprise this year. and by surprise i mean an 8th round seed and a frist round exit. but let's jam a mind session on the lineup as it stands shall we?

1st team
1. marbury - c'mon dude back to 18/9 please
2. francis - we'll see. this guy was a solid player not too long ago. 15/4/4. i know very generous but...
3. jalen - i'd take 9/4/3 averages if he just drains a 3 here and there and moves well.
4. frye - time to start him. i want 14/7 from him. that's all he's got too... he's not kareem
5. Curry - upside schmupside. i'll take the 15/6 and be happy.

2nd team
1. Nate - hustle hustle hustle. 10/3/5?
2. Crawford - i'm a big crawford fan. sure, low hoops I.Q. but 'wants' 'it'. 13/3/5
3. Q - could be a nice year from Q. 12/6/2 13PTM per.
4. David lee - 8/8! my new fave knick?
5. jerome james - 5 fouls to give. that's all. butt of jokes too.

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i predict the franchise gets traded and jalen rose gets the penny treatment. isiah straight up told the press he didn't want them!