Saturday, July 08, 2006

'scura report

well, this has been the litest week ever! first belle and sebastian at the park now camera obscura at the bowery. i was kind of ready not to hate, but not to love them. zzz predictions. but it was great! very very good, i was stoked. the sound was well mixed and she was belting out the jams. sure she's got that 'glasgow i'm a wee bit drunk and shy' vibe but the songs are good. and she sings them well!

some fake hooligans kept heckling them, which was not a big deal, but she was pissed! yea they played 'loyd' and 'if looks could kill' and all the jams from the new record oh man it was really good. i crept up on bro's after the show claiming the band and they were all, 'dude are you high?'

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