Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ladyhawk pt deux

fucking great. that band is great. they shredded the knitting factory last night and they had the 40 people there in a frenzy. kudos to them. but it brings to mind a question. what separates a great band, versus a great band with a trajectory to do better things? i know it's a moot point in a way, but immediately i thought of enemymine. remember those guys? selling out brownies to fans foaming at the mouth. fucking spectacular live shows. insane buzz. then a breakup. or did they? they did. enemywho? oh i have that record, it was good...

ladyhawk's show last night was like a giant, hulking tree crashing down in the forest with no one around to hear it. where someone can make another record that's not as good, and maybe play a show that wasn't as good, and get all the hype the probably would've hoped for. envelopes anyone? tapes n tapes? could be the fact ladyhawk are from vancouver. could be the laissez-faire 'tude. could be the music [i don't think so, but maybe], but go see ladyhawk next time they come to town. and make sure you take a few skeptical friends!

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