Saturday, July 29, 2006

live the fantasy

demassek! a band made popular by a couple of blogs. and by popular i mean a lot of their friends show up and make these strange gestures with their hands and freak out. i was honestly expecting something in the vein of a party band, but they actually shredded! great guitars and a totally good singer. you can live the dream, and you can live the dream to a fuller extent, and they are definitely living the dream to the max! there were a couple a jammers and a couple snoozers but it was fun enough.

i've never heard 4 marshall cabs sound so lite though. maybe it was the cakeshop. we should've had our ears blown out! also, it's really hard to groove to a band whose drummer falls in and out of time throughout the whole set. double bass drums sound rad but if you can't keep up then it sounds weird.

but a fun time. yes. oh, i stole this pic from o'dell's site. i think it was from years ago though...

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