Friday, July 28, 2006

annuals report 1/3

they played this dingy basement last night in greenpoint. $5 cover. all you can drink beers, 50-60 people, of which 5 were over the age of 24. verdict? RAD! the annuals shredded really hard, huge sounds... 2 keyboards, 2 drummers, 3 singers, etc. and they were great! the opened with 'brother' and blazed through a 30 minutes set. i admit they lost a bit of steam at the end, what with so many different people doing so many thing in one song sometimes it didn't gel, but the end product was awesome anyway.

they didn't play 'Footless and wild' which was disappointing, but at least i didn't call this post 'the kids are alright'!

again tonight at pianos. i think they'll be just as good, but seeing them freaking out in a sweaty basement was just about as good as this stuff gets...

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