Wednesday, July 05, 2006

insert clever lyric here

belle and sebastian 4th of july situations. waiting in line for hours for tix a week ago. downpour right before the show. epic outdoor crowds.... verdict: AMAZING! they totally killed it! stu was in a great mood, cracking jokes to the crowd, slighting the yankees, and calling out crazy fans. they started slow, and then shredded through a set of 'you cover's blown' 'if you're feeling sinister' 'jonathan david' 'tiny little frog' 'i'm a cuckoo' 'dirty dream no 2' 'white collar boy' and 'arab strap'! in a row! i'm forgetting some major jams but you know what i'm saying. the gratefull dead of our generation? except for the hippie part. and the jam band part. and the fat bearded frontman part. and the not-from-scotland part. i will see this band anytime anywhere basically.

congrats to brawnyman and meghan btw!

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