Thursday, July 27, 2006

don't step on my pedals

silversun pickups report! the new album is out! it's good, but not as good as i had hoped for actually. a lot of gnarly grunge riffs with melodies coming through, but maybe not as much or as often as i want. there are JAMS. 'Melatonin' 'Little Lover's So Polite' and they re-did [AGAIN] 'Lazy Eye' and 'Dream At Tempo 119'. those songs are like, 4 years old dudes.

anyway all the elements here are good. heavy pedals, solid vocals, 8 minutes jams that go and go, and some heavy mid 90's vibes. a good band! i'm happy they put this out, even though it's no home run, i'm stoked enough!

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joshuawildman said...

i take melatonin its rad!!!