Monday, May 01, 2006


the new walkmen. what can i say i've really been pining for this album. reports out of the gate were so-so. i was ready for the worst... or how bad it could've been. verdict? great! just... so great! mind you i was less into songs like 'the rat' and more into the weepy weird jams. this record is weepy. and weird. 'always after you' is fucking great. 'another one goes by' shreds really hard. in a non-shredding way. man i think i'm really gonna listen to this one a lot.

not unlike don cab's 'what burns never returns'- they were coming off that monster don caballero 2 record, and went in a stranger direction. the songs weren't hits, but i ended up listening to 'what burns' over and over and over. this new walkmen has that vibe to me. it's got a nice swagger to it, whatever you wnat to call it. imperfect recording, old amps, scratchy as hell vocals, and few peaks. i think that's a good thing! as if all the sarcasm and drinking has caught up with them... ham's still hung up on things. in between all the dream confessionals he still takes the time to give you the finger... 'i don't get some people, but i don't really try. what's good for you is good for me'...

in 4 years i want them to play the merc and have people go 'they're still around!? they had one good song once' and i'd say 'yup, you're still an asshole'.

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emma, get me a lemon.
and if we have none,
get me a lime.
and if we got none,
go out and get one.
i'll be waiting here,
by your french doors.

pretty rad.