Monday, May 15, 2006

killa season!

the new cam is good! rejoice! ok nothing's gonna be as good as purple haze, but this one has some fucking jams! 'he tried to play me' is stupid. i love it! 'leave you alone' is a jam! 'suck it or not' is pure comedy! ok so 7-8 of these songs came out already on tapes, but they hold up great together. 'IBS' is a wtf moment. uh, 'this is a true story'? classic! 'something new' is old too, but i'm saying. all together is is a fucking great jam session! minimal dipset cameos, and i'm not hating hell rell at all! he's getting good!

some omissions were weird though. just the remix for 'do your thing?' where's 'it's nothing'? 'royalty'?

anyway let's review what the grey lady had to say about it
fisrt line: "If you've never heard "Purple Haze," the 2004 CD by the Harlem rapper Cam'ron, then consider yourself lucky: you've got something to look forward to.'
last line: In an album full of threats, this is the scariest one: a drunk-on-language rapper threatening to shut up.'

ok so i agree with this review! sounds like this guy really likes cam'ron! even though the times should stay the fuck off the fader's web page, this review has it all. irritable bowels, and wet wipes!

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Tom Perignon said...

I've given up on trying to get my own Dipset, I can't compete with andy. I'll just patiently wait two more days for "No-Homo vol. 7" while "DJ Nicolaus Copernicus" removes all Jim Jones verses and adds funk-flex-bombs on every other word that JR spits. I'll report back to you then. Who shot Freaky Zeaky!?!?