Monday, May 15, 2006

herein lies the problem

let's say dolan actually does buy out larry. ok fine. larry did a shit job this year. but what's next? this offseason dolan will either let isiah be coach or ask him for another big name coach [if so- please let it be stan van]. he'll ask isiah to move some players. maybe francis, marbury, crawford, or all of them.

isiah, 'what we should do is try to get under the cap and get some draft picks. we have the team now that we will trade to get'
donan, 'well, i'm losing too much money. i think if we get a superstar i can get some people in the seats. if we get into the 1st round, i can break even'
isiah, 'you are and always will be a fool. don't you read earl?'

so we have the knicks. with or without larry next year will be a doozy. i like curry still. keep him. i like all the players actually. isiah did a great job i think, understanding that dolan is the man calling the shots. sure a PF would be great, but a ton of teams need PF's, whatever. kenny thomas or kenyon martin will not put us over.

let dolan do what he's gonna do. i'll still watch the games but i refuse to pay for those $75 tix and $8 beers.

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