Saturday, May 06, 2006

casual jams report

jesu- silver e.p.- i claim this to be one of the best releases of the year! i'm saying. maybe top 5. it's epic. exactly what i wanted coming off the last one. 4 songs. the first 2 are fucking KILLER. 10 minute heavy melodic jams that reminds me of ride at time. but only vocally. stosuy claims jawbreaker but i don't hear it here. dan claims they suck, and he's usually right, but i think he's wrong about this one. it's so SHREDDING! btw dan good luck on the tour dude! everyone go out and see excepter!

final- 3- i'm kinda still hung up on the jesu, but Justin Broadrick's side project is pretty good too! all 'ambient' jams. the titles are cheesy but this is the guy from godflesh c'mon! not a must-have but there are some beautiful moments here...

built to spill- you in reverse- yup! great! i love this band something fierec so this is no surprise. loving the weepy songs the most right off the bat. and the original treepeople cover art vibe. great!

streets- The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living- of course i like this. this guy is a comedian! i loved 'a grand' and this is a totally satisfying follow up. 'All Goes Out The Window' is crazy. i could probably listen to this at any point during the day. wake up jams, works jams, and walk home from bar jams.

sorry i was into all these new jams. the positive vibes from these 4 record totally made my day. on a day i got hit by a truck! im serious! it was crazy!

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Anonymous said...

i want to clarify that its the vocals that suck.
see you in june
-dan h