Monday, May 15, 2006

best of the year, in may!

ok here's my best of 2006 [music wise] list in may
the streets- yup, hilarious and produced well.
arctic monkeys- fire! great!
cam- so good. i'm claiming it!
destroyer- 'a life of art and a life of mimicry... isthesamething!'
jesu- weepy hard rockers. turn that frown upside down!
growing- sensitive stoner much?
T.I.- if not for the nest single of the year alone!
walkmen- 'break out the bottles when i'm away. i'll dig a whole for all your friends!'
elvis perkins- i know he's all VH1 but i can't stop jamming this!
and the best record so far....

the islands!

this record is so epic! it's got this super huge quality to it. sweeping melodies on top of melodies. the range is shredding here too. i dunno, i think this is the 'ends' of a process, if the unicorns were a 'means'. i recommend starting with 'bucky little wing' and then repeating the album so you get track 1 right after. it's crazy how good it is. 'swans' is a wake-up/fall asleep jam. i think about that song constantly when i'm not hearing it! the one problem with the album is 'Where There's A Will There's A' has rapping on it. it's terrible. delete that track! but the rest is so strong you can't deny it. i'm saying!

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