Sunday, January 14, 2007

another installment of NBA poems

earl got traded! and he started off his bucks career with a double double! since JR went to NBA siberia after madison square gardengate, earl has been chucking and hitting jumpers like it was his job. but it wasn't! now he's the man running the show in milwaukee and i'm looking for him up his assist average. respect! seriously check out his stat line for the last month. like a poor man's melo!

yao going down sucked. but it's nice to see dikimbe back to rebounding and waving his finger. who sounds more like the cookie monster: dikembe or jarrod collins?

what's up in seattle? luke got benched!? and ray is shooting like shit from 3. but at least collison aka white frankentein is showing signs.

dirk is basically my favorite player in the nba. with no disrespect to 5'5" point guards.

the suns look crazy. amare's fully back. man it's great to be 16 years old.

loving the 3 PG's. deron, raymond and paul. hope paul comes back soon. the hornets really ate shit what with injuries.

brandon roy looks like a player.

mike miller looks like a fat, hairy, alfred e newman who shoots a sick 3PT%

the east is pathetic, but i kinda love it.

the knicks are looking great! i mean, who was expecting anything? ok i was kinda. but with Q back and lee coming off the bench, this team is all of the sudden really deep. lee will get his when Q goes down again, but i'm liking this rotation. ok maybe jeffries is playing too much and nate is playing period, but i think zeke is doing work over there. no trades zeke! if you must do anything. try to get a pick! but i'm not even worried about that. i just want this same team on the court next year [maybe sans the 'franchise', but i don't hate him either].


Anonymous said...

what'd you do to your background? feels all cubicle-y for some reason. i've been looking for that smog record on vinyl for a while now, can't seem to find it though, definitely nice from what i've heard. keep it coming man

earl boykins said...

dude get that smog wax. i seriously think that record is special.

my background looks ok to me, but if it still looks fucked up can you let me know?

thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog! You gotta love Boykins.

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Anonymous said...

NBA news? I thought you just made pie charts about bands I've never heard of.

Now I'm all confuse