Thursday, January 18, 2007


steph's been politicking for eddy's inclusion in the all-star game. and giving him new nick names 'eddy's as big as an entire zip code'. true story!

he should be considered. i mean, Z? al jefferson? zo? there are just no dominant centers in the east. where are the days of smits and ewing? and... zo! 65-63 eastern conference finals scores, son!

looks like golden state gave up on dunleavy, a truly bad 3rd overall pick. but sean livingston might claim that title soon!

hoopshype is already claiming dunleavy for maggette. the pacers would be psyched!

watch troy murphy start playing like troy murphy. if [when] jermaine goes down watch out for 17/12 and a three!

al harrington must be psyched to run now.

what the fuck is the deal with marvin williams?

what the fuck is the deal with jason kapono!

how terrible are those reebok ads? 'you're not a fool, are you?' i know they don't of the wieden and kennedy budget, but how did the execs over there let this one pass? 'YOU WERE FOOLED' ugh. cringe worthy! KG! get on a better team and get better commercials! they all suck!

who's more of a fantasy headache? drew gooden or boris diaw?

maybe we all over rated iggy?

i hate arenas' new nick name


Anonymous said...

the ratio of music reviews to hoops talk on this blog is disappointing. sadly, i agree. eddy curry just may be all-star worthy in the east. i'd like to see him face up yao. wait, i mean...uh.....amare? wait...zaza has 70,000 more votes than e-city?

earl boykins said...

ok more hoops coverage