Thursday, January 25, 2007


the last 2 boykins nba posts: rudy gay and eddy curry. and they both go down on wednesday!

ok so curry went down with a [some say] minor and [some say] significant quad injury. gay? who knows. he logged 7 minutes.

let's see if this curse thing is true. i'm throwing mike miller up there.

the knicks can't play d... they had the suns on the ropes for 2 quarters. then the knicks turned into the knicks. anyone see nate's line? horror show! jamal played well, but jamal playing well [and logging minutes] means the team loses more times than not. not mad at his dimes last night, but he can't run an efficient offensive to save his life.

anyone see that nike nba spot with juelz? if i see another 'the right stuff' 'resevior dogs' treatment i'm gonna barf, but juelz is hilarious. dude can barely rap, yet he's totally not annoying to listen to!

someone make a good nba commercial please? remember those method man nike 'love them/hate them' spots? the jordan slo-mo 'water spilling over the sink' commercials? where did that good shit go? it's 2007!

the espn magazine ads with camby going, 'THAT'S MY ESPN THE MAGAZINE' were good too.

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