Tuesday, January 30, 2007

there goes my 'totally boshome 2' fantasy team

jamison goes down! all the ballers are going down! it looked bad... hope it's just a week thing and not a ligament strain. sheesh. do you think agent zero can shoot 8 more shots a game now? yup!

the cavs look gross. they're quickly turning into the pistons or the spurs. boring as fuck! and they're not even that good!

jamal crawford should just not shoot in the first half.

shreddie jones goes back to the heat! making the average age on that team 65!

when the fuck is marvin williams gonna pick it up?

mike bibby looks like shit. that team is a mess. ARTEST! [fist in air]

i'm holding brevin knight, villanueva, and marvin williams on my 'bad miller' fantasy team. waiting waiting waiting til they start picking it up [or playing at all]

the warriors will be hilarious to watch when j rich comes back.

when did mo williams become a borderline all-star?

alvin williams got cut by the clips! remember when he was good?

'this is kobe bryant, and when i'm not dropping 40 plus points i'm listening to HOT97' patrick ewing is rolling over in his grave...

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Anonymous said...

etan thomas is gonna blow up now