Wednesday, January 24, 2007

his name undoubtably makes most sports fans uncomfortable

rudy gay is starting to play for the grizzlies! and he's putting in work! he does a little of everything! steals... blocks... rebounds... threes... dimes... and turnovers

it's fun watching him and roy get their nba legs under them. bargnani too! not a shitty draft at all! i have hope for tyrus thomas as some weird gerald wallace type player, but he's already in skiles' doghouse.

danny ganger is playing well now too. maybe he's the one to walk out from the smoke of that trade. give him minutes and he produces!

al jefferson and ryan howard on the phillies... separated at birth?

eddy curry is the hardest working center in the east. and also the dimmest! 'i'll stand here for the rebound. doh!' 'i'll follow that guy out of the paint. 'DAH!'

melo and AI look sick together. i give them 2 losses in the row to start barking back at the media.

even with AI the nuggs will still get shredded by the spurs, mavs, and suns.

jason kidd is fucking retarded. what is it at, 8 triple doubles!?

the knicks look like poo without marbury. jamal crawford is a turnover/bad shot waiting to happen. i hardly remember the sick stretches he had on the bulls. jamal look at some tape dude! 'iso' isn't the only play in the book! love the last-shot confidence, hate the 3-10, 5 turnover lines right before the shot.

is it me or does ray allen look bored and/or super frustrated? i mean, there was barely a chest bump or butt slap during his huge game last night. dude is a treat to watch... if only he was on a better team...

mark jackson is fucking hilarious calling games. not mad!

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