Sunday, March 18, 2007

NBA poetry entry. "every day is like sunday"

lamarcus! his last week has been insane! check out his last three games: 24/17/4 blocks. 14/10/3 blocks. 16/10 3 blocks. he reminds me of camby! gobbling all that weak side shit up! i ain't mad atcha!

all the rooks look good. tryus is showing flashes, bargnani will be in the playoffs. rudy gay is getting better, roy is doing his thing. and balkman had the garden on its feet today!

why is corey maggette not playing more? ditto morris peterson. i just don't get it. oh wait is maggette playing more these days?

ok why wouldn't a team take greg oden first overall? durant is siiick but oden is a beast. would you trade paul pierce for yao? hells yes! how about vince carter for shaq? in 2007? i'd take shaq! that's how i see oden vs durant.

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