Friday, March 30, 2007

death to all false nba poems!

so here he is. every season there's a player that comes up big for the final stretch of the [fantasy] season. last year it was raymond felton. the year before it was your boy joel pryzbilla. this year? tarance kinsey! as soon as miller went down kinsey has been logging 30+ minutes per! 20-12-24-20 have been his point totals for the last 4. sure he doesn't bound or assist much but i mean, tarance kinsey!?

and linus kleiza!? ako he's your boy!

lamarcus is still doing his thing. kinda.

uh oh! big ben wallace wearing starbury's! i love it! no steph cracks... here you know i think he's rad.

that's all i have to report right now

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