Thursday, March 01, 2007

i have post-trading-deadline trauma

how boring was that trading deadline? is it because of the soft salary cap? i have no idea. i was surprised not to see pau gasol, mike bibby, and vince carter come to the knicks though. what? channing frye and a 2008 draft pick isn't good enough?

at least crash is laughing. and he should be! dude is a beast! for some reason i always have the 'cats on my radar. i keep track of felton's splits and carroll's 3pt%, but ask me about the trailblazers. they have a team in portalnd!? og right. sabonis is sick.

who has a better moustache? adam morrison or gerald wallace?

ako! i know i was all huffy about AI and the nuggs. the sweet sweet nuggs, but he hasn't played enough to support my argument. the AI trade had all the markings of a james dolan deal. the only difference is that the nuggs don't run the highest paid team in the NBA out there!

the poor knicks. what a broken down bus. every position has issues. at least the bulls won't get oden with our pick.


the rooks like promising all across the board. roy, though super boring, looks fine. rudy gay slowed down a bit. bargnani looks sick. who's the GM in toronto right now? is that checketts? fucking dude. if it is, he knows what he's doing!

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