Saturday, February 03, 2007

what the fuck

how the fuck did mr longoria make the all-star team!? i mean, he's a nice player, but leaving off melo and josh howard?! ray motherfucking allen!? before you claim the 'but he's a point guard and they have enough 2-guards' argument, parker is averaging 5.5 dimes [along with 19 points and 3 rebs].

ray allen is averaging 4 assists [and 27/4]

melo is also at 4 assists [and 31/6!]

howard is lagging at 2 assists [and 19/7]

so i'm just saying, parker is a good PG [and a 'true' PG], but nash can come in for kobe [who can run the point fine]. allen iverson can shift over to the 1 as well. who needs a PG in an all-star game anyway? have KG run the 'point'. i want entertainment! not 10 foot jumpers! [maybe they want his wifey to get crazy face-time]

as a fan, it's a crime that melo and ray ray aren't there. parker is fine and all, but seriously.


Anonymous said...

throwing a punch and then running as fast as you can in the other direction does not an all-star make. when melo said he would learn from his behavior, I think this is what he was talking about. but seriously, it's all out of control, I mean Kobe's a raper. has everyone forgotten about that? he's a raper! or at the VERY least, adulterer. he's got his endorsements back even. it's a mad world dude. -cza

earl boykins said...

everyone forgets everything.

tank johnson in the super bowl?

ruben patterson? he's CONVICTED.

jason kidd slapped his wife silly.

marv albert!?

i'm also convinced 99% of nba players are adulterers. that 1% being doug christie

earl boykins said...

oh, and david wesley basically was the main contributor to bobby phils' death