Saturday, February 17, 2007

barr at the kitchen last night. it was only their 2nd show as a band. i still loved it. some didn't. i dunno... it reminds of of the 90's so much!

they're going on tour for a month. go see them!


Anonymous said...

Who didn't love that show? Some of the audience did seem fazed, which I can't understand. I sort of wanted to give them a standing o. Though I do hate siting at shows. Wasn't it a lot of friends and family anyway?

P.S. I hope you're planning a post about Gerald Green's Dee Brown tribute dunk over Nate.

earl boykins said...

yeah i guess if you go see BARR for $10 you know what you're getting into. but it isn't the easiest music to get into if you were just keeping a friend company...

not so much friends and family... which is great kinda! sure bro's were there but not many lookie-loo friends, you know?

i missed the gerald green dunk cause i was at the gang gang show. but i'll def youtube it and write the shit out of it later.