Thursday, February 15, 2007

timmy hardaway: "please don't forget me"

what does he have against rudy anyway? ok fine he's a rookie. he's inconsistent. he couldn't bring a championship to uconn. that's all fine. stop the insanity!

tim's always been an attention hog anyway. and slightly dim. that's ok. he just said what a lot of players actually think. i bet 90% of the nba are saying the same thing to eachother. 'ARE YOU GAY? CAUSE I'M NOT! NO WAY. AT. ALL.'

poor rudy!

ok ok. everyone knew who amaechi was when he was playing anyway. what's the big deal? will belle and sebastian write a song about it now? that would be sweet.

big baby on LSU seems like he's about to come out of the closet too. will that stop teams from drafting him? doubt it!

this shit is boring. at least the mike piazza 'i'm not gay' new conference was funny.

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