Thursday, February 01, 2007

i spy a darko!

don't look now! there's been a darko sighting. could we see 8/8 with 2 blocks per down the stretch? if he starts playing and the magic make a couple of minor tweaks, they could be a decent team.

speaking of which, it's good we didn't crown dwight howard as the next kareem. his free throw % and turnovers prevents him from becoming a superstar. for now.

is it clear now that the sunsa are nash and marion's team? sure amare could take over on any given night, but marion is the key big man there. he does all the dirty work! so does amare, but seriously.

jamsion out 2-8, and possibly longer. boozer out 5-6. damn. i wonder what all the mormons will think of milsap.

the knicks looks very mediocre again. god that team is just made of spazzes. at every position! ok maybe not lee, but it's a fire drill out there!

crash blew up last night! 42/8 3 threes, 3 swats and a steal!

josh hoawrd missed 2 games to be with his wife during the birth of their child. is it me, or do these guys get paid WAAAY too much to leave any game for any reason other than injury? i mean, people miss the births of their kids all the time. and nba players like howard make upwards of 80,000 a night. um, tough titties dudes, play the game and cry on your pile of money.

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