Tuesday, December 19, 2006

freaky zeke

isiah's problem isn't that he sent out goons, or that he talks shit to other team's players [a big no-no].

should he have warned melo to watch his back? probably not. he just should've sent collins out to get him. and that's enough warning. mardy collins is on the floor. karl better get his starters out. or at least tell them not to fast-break. sheesh.

isiah's problem lies in his first few months of his tenure. by bringing in marbury [a good basketball move] and making him the focal point, he alienated the entire team of veterans. it's always been an issue of trust with zeke and his players. or lack thereof. and it's still happening with this squad.

it's important that he doesn't clean house again. dolan called for francis? ok. keep him. keep crawford. keep marbury [PLEASE]. keep eddy curry. if not for any other reason than for team morale.

if anything, what zeke did during denvergate only endears him to his players. you think these guys play to be role models? they play for themselves and each other. and that's fair enough.

i'm tired of barkley getting on his soapbox or walton pining for when 'players played the right way'. in his era, of course.

these vets who have the mic want to preserve their legacy. last time i remembered sir charles was throwing dudes around and talking shit. xavier mcdaniel was a sweetheart, i'm sure. bill laimbeer? what a nice guy.

if anything, the nba in the late-stern era is soft. more hard fouls! more jarring! bring the excitement back...

also, george karl is a smug fuck.

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Anonymous said...

At least there weren't any teethmarks a la Danny Ainge.