Wednesday, December 20, 2006

note to zeke: for your new year's resolution: never sit david lee. EVER AGAIN!

david lee... welcome to knicks folklore! how long till the trent tucker david lee sportscenter spot?

out of the 4 isiah draft picks, who would have thought all of them would be panning out? balkman looks fine, and seems just as valuable as a marcus williams. frye still shows flashes, but hasn't shaken the 'soft' tag [trade him now i say]. i give nate a hard time but he's got trade value. i'd love isiah to move him for a pick. ok i hate nate i admit it.

but david lee! damn this guy looks like an all-nba defensive player. ok maybe 2nd teamer. ok ok he's just really solid. he seems to put himself in the right spot at the right time constantly. that last .1 second shot was kinda lucky, but he's been all ben wallace recently.

that said, i give him 2-3 years of shreddingness before he ends up a plodder like mo taylor or malik rose. but i'm not mad!


Anonymous said...

Good thing the Knicks have guys like Marbury to lead them straight down to the gutter where they belong. Tell the milk-dud head to retire.

Alex21 said...

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