Monday, December 18, 2006

these guys look like they're slow dancing. but they're not.

ok so i don't think melo is THAT much of a pussy. i mean, he sucker punched someone and ran. ok haha that was pretty weak. he's never going to live that down.

i think i saw marcus camby carry a chair into the locker room. somewhere in houston a van gundy shudders...

nate rob is my least favorite NBA player. fuck that guy! why does he always let his napoleon complex get his team into trouble!? i mean, the hit was made. JR smith was thrown to the floor. no need to chest bump your way into a melee. fuck this guy. they should just make a nate rob mascot suit for him and he can pound his chest all game long. just not on the court please.

jared f'n jeffries! a new dude who fucking stands up for his bro's! i'm pumped! he was gonna murder melo!

zeke also gets a thumbs up for sending out the goons. we knicks fans always pine for the mason oakley days, and then on WFAN all day i hear 'isiah's a thug!'. WHAT? this is his home court! like a hard foul has never happened before. at least isiah cares!

najera looks so stressed in every pic i see of this mess.

i'm all out of thoughts. people should chuzzill. fights happen all the time. AM radio callers who are screaming about 'rap music's influence' on the nba should relax. rudy T will tell you it has nothing to do with music.


Anonymous said...

nate rob is a loser. a PG who doesn't dish, he makes starbury look like stockton.

Anonymous said...

had to be the rap music. remember when Rock Box came out and these thugz started wildin'

joshuawildman said...

maybe kermit was jamming that last poets shit? hey hey the answer ins nug!? what the f

Anonymous said...

This fight reminded me of the fights that happened after school in the playground. Everyone is really too scared to rumble. A couple of punches get thrown. Lots of posturing. Lots of people getting held back. And lots of people looking really shook (lol at Melo running scared.) Good call on Jefferies though -- he's the one dude who looked like he meant business.