Wednesday, December 20, 2006

crash is back?

gerald wallace is back? double figures in the last 4 with some steals and blocks! two weeks ago who'd a thunk? i drafted him high [4th round] in 2 drafts so i've been hurting up until now. c'mon dude keep it up!

the big three 2nd-year point guards are shredding. paul and deron are all-stars, and felton is crazy when brevin knight aka nightcrawler is hurt. which is a lot!

overheard at the bodega tonight: 'YOU KNOW WHO'S REALLY GOOD? WHO'S BRINGING IT? KILLING IT? yeah can i get a lotto ticket and chapstick YAO MING THAT'S WHO! EDDY THIS EDDY THAT!'

the nets are a joke. richard jefferson transformed into a really average player. injuries? maybe. he's just not making it happen. jason kidd is sick though. if he averages a triple double i will flip. his freakshow son's head will explode like a garbage pail kidd.

talking about splosions, iggy's gonna blow up in philly.

al jefferson... all-star?

maybe 20/13 was too much to ask for from dwight howard. ditto chris bosh. the david robinson comparisons will have to wait a bit. but not too long...

gay? roy? morrison? it's kinda all about bargnani!

eddie griffin is a mess. what the fuck. this guy has all the tools. stop getting drunk and jacking off to porn in your car! get to practice! hang out with KG! do SOMETHING right. anything! i'm also sad mccants is so hurt. he looked promising last season.

denver's gonna be a mess. love AI as a fan, but i'm glad he's not on my team. that locker room is gonna be tense. good thing kmart is at home... what a collection of head cases!

how bout some lakers hate? that team is going nowhere with kobe chucking like that. and kwame looks more like olowakandi every day. sure he's had some nice lines, but on the court he looks lost. he's got 'that look' in his eye. the kandiman!

and andreas, what the fuck is maggette doing on the bench for your clips. real talk. dude needs to be getting more PT.

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Anonymous said...

The Nets need to get rid of Collins & Wright. Maybe play Hassan some more, even Mikki Moore is giant step up from Collins. God I hate him.

RJ & VC just don't play well together. Every play is just an isolation for Carter where he either drives to the basket or he throws up a 37 ft jumper.