Friday, November 17, 2006

now THIS is my beautiful team!

disclaimers: you can't shoot over 50% from the field all the time. shaq is out. wade in foul trouble. but here're some deep thoughts about what's going on vs the heat.

all last year people were hating steph for being selfish. now they hate him for his lack of 'leadership' [and numbers]. hm. really? all i see is a dude who's playing tough d and recognizing he has 3 ball handlers on the team. last 2 games? tough d on arenas and wade. sure, they get theirs, but nothing came easy. i'm pro-steph!

this insanely deep second unit? with a big now [jerome]. the opposing team is seeing what isiah envisioned years ago. a change-up. post-up then fast break. fast break then post-up. then a combo to finish up the game. play the hot hand.

they seem to be clicking tonight. Q presents a nice mismatch at the 3 [or even 2]. steve has his swagger back. frye is helping curry. then you get balkman in there for some fresh-legs d. and when jeffries comes back he won't look for shots. he'll just cover the opposite small fwd. and david lee is the dude! fan-fave already!

loving it. i think they still only win a few more games than last year. but this is great to see! steady the ship! no trades! leave isiah alone! he's got a plan! and steph is finally becoming a grown ass man!


Anonymous said...

balkman, lee and nate rob = fun times. they keep referring to the +28 or whatever when nate is in the game. a guard shooting .566??? is that nate???

I have no idea how Curry ends up with his numbers every night - respectable, despite the turnovers and lousy ft%. they just have to learn to FINISH. and play D for 4 quarters.

tomorrow night - starbury vs. cousin telfair

i'm thair!

Anonymous said...

fuck youuuuuuuuu.....your an idiot when it comes to hoops, I know who you are, and i know what you look like. Your not a baller, your the little asian guy on the sideline who's probably never been in crunch time. Are you made that jamal led all knicks in only nineteen minutes.

Anonymous said...

jamal is tired of carrying this sorry team on his back.

earl boykins said...

haha jamal?! again!? oookay...

what is this love affair with this average-to-good SG? i hardly think he put this team on his back last night. sure, he had a good game... he shot well! i'm not bummed on him! but if you think he's the second coming of john starks then we're watching a different MSG feed. Q had a terrible shooting night, but 9/11/6 was pretty key. he was everywhere. frye played good minutes. jerome james actually made his [brief] presence felt. everyone chipped in. jamal could've sat out and this team[in caps] would've beat the heat last night. not mad at jamal, but not creaming over him either. he's played fine since becoming a knick, but how does a player carry a team 'on his back' to their worst record in a decade?

classy mildly racist post though. quit sweating my blog! 2 posts in two days! try this one instead: