Tuesday, November 14, 2006

here you go brian. i stayed up to make these. jay z and jeezy/drama reviews! let's also take a look at the raps of 2006


Anonymous said...

yo it's ako...nice raps post...i just got the jeezy/drama today...haven't listened to it today but can't wait after seein the graph...listened to the new jigga today...whateves some good beats but he should have retired after vol. 3...yo what up wit my nugg's!!!!! did you go to the game? we r pickn up steam son!!!!!

MC said...

Nice chart on the Jigga album. I think the 1st half of the album is decent, then it deteriorates from there. The Game definitely brought out the best cd of the year, so far..still gotta hear Clipse & Nas..

Love & Basketball