Sunday, November 05, 2006

just in case the CMJ post was confusing, ladyhawk revisted


imperialffrr said...

i saw ladyhawk play to 10 people including the bartender in lawrence kansas a couple months ago. wtf? they still put on a good show. wish i had the scrilla for cmj this year. how was the social registry showcase? did you see bossanova by any chance?

earl boykins said...

ladyhawk got insanely good in the last few months. huge fan.

the social registry showcase was good

i only saw telepathe, TK webb, vietnam and jah division though. telepathe had me confused [but i still have hope], vietnam was fine. TK was fun, and i was too tired for jah division. love that label though.

what's bossanova all about?

imperialffrr said...

tk...kc expat!

bossanova had an album come out on teenbeat last year and it was great. funky, melodic, fun indie rock that came out of nowhere. they have a single or two on some teenbeat samplers, too, like..03 or 04.

i read that their showcase had nobody there and mark robinson even played a song or two with them.

imperialffrr said...
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