Thursday, September 27, 2007

"stress" "reaction" "four" "weeks" "cartilage" "walking" "boot" "re" "evaluated"

are all words i hate to hear regarding a certain dread-headed over-achieving small-forward on the knicks.

F-isiah calling someone names. here's some real news:

"Forward Renaldo Balkman will miss at least four weeks because of a stress reaction in his right ankle, leaving the Knicks without a key reserve just days before the start of training camp.

An MRI exam performed this week also revealed a small cartilage injury in the ankle, the team announced Thursday. Balkman will be fitted for a walking boot and will be re-evaluated after resting for four weeks." - AP

dude looked crazy in the summer league [then again so did nate]. is david lee playing yet? channing frye where art thou?

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