Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ok ok so this has been going down all week.

cliff's notes

isiah played h.o.r.s.e. with this woman, who is an MSG employee. she beat him. he told her that 'he loved her' and kept on lurking. maybe at one point called her a 'bitch'?

then to paint the picture of the scene at MSG they brought marbury in, who's getting weirder every single day. he admitted to blazing an MSG intern, who was on a game show the week before? and she was already blazing his cousin! his pickup line was [apparently]: 'you getting in?' [to his truck].

oooh you're in trouble!


isiah also called her a 'ho'. he went on to say that it's ok for a black man to call a black woman a 'bitch' but white dudes aren't allowed. that sucks of zeke but 10 million dollars is a lot to ask for, don't you think? whatever just take it off luc longley's salary. doesn't he have 2 years left on that?

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