Friday, September 21, 2007

the results are in! 50 claims kanye cheated! don't worry dude you have the better album.


plumpy said...

With much respect for your entertaining graphs, your use of circles is misleading. You are drawing the radii of the circles in the proper ratio, but this means the areas are way out of wack.

The area of the Kanye circle, for example, is nearly twice as big!

If you want to make them more representative, you need to take the square roots of the sales figures and then use THAT as your ratio for the diameters.

Michael P.

Anonymous said...

Your a fucking clown. I'm a professional graphic designer and your sizes are way off. Not to mention Kanye West's album is absolutely amazing. 50 Cent's album has two tracks plus a Mary J. Blige chorus, thats it. Kanye's album is original, crispy and fucking approaching a global audience. 50 Cent is approaching two fucking whores from UCONN in Manhattan for one night to meet some 'dudhes'.

How can you say Kanye's album has 4 or 5 horrible jams? Dude your fucking wack, your charts and graphs are original and cute, but really dog you don't know shit about music. stick to you fuckign emo and beer you fucking queer.

Anonymous said...

yo fuck these dudes

Anonymous said...

I mean, the guy could be right. He is a "professional" graphic designer.