Wednesday, May 23, 2007

your boy roy

so the two best college players are banished to NBA siberia. will the right hand side of the USA, with the two journalistic capitals in the country, stay up til 11PM to watch these kids play? hm... at least the bulls didn't get a shot at oden or durant. it was shocking to see memphis and boston miss out on the top 2 but they have enough talent on both those teams. get a jerry stackhouse on those teams and they'll be fine.

did you see how sad 'nigue looked?

fuck these playoffs they're so boring. i hate david stern for not instituting a hard salary cap and suspending those suns players. the NBA in 2007 is a mess. you stole the NBA from us dude! we want it back!

brandon you better take a nap cause this dude's gonna be blowing up your pager!


Reno said...

where did you get that oden pic?

Reno said...

also, have you seen the pics of the jordan boys "gone wild?"