Thursday, May 03, 2007

man! ricky lost a lot of weight!

can baron and the dudes do it? i kinda hope they don't, cause i want the semi-finals to be somewhat watchable. but i can't help but root for such well-groomed facial hair.

pros: biedrins' haircut. matt barnes' tribal set-ups. monta ellis' name!
cons: i hate stephen jackson something fierce, but not because of his gansterizations, but more for his premature celebratory posturings. a two foot jumper!? great dude! that's your fucking job!



Anonymous said...

your off your nutt cheezy dirk wannabee
oaktown saved the NBA this year

earl boykins said...

how did oaktown save anything?

by being swept in the second round?

Anonymous said...

did the deerhunter lead singer have simulated upon himself a blow job at the end of the performance?

earl boykins said...

no, but i heard he did in brooklyn the next night

who knew the doors would be making such a comeback?