Wednesday, May 09, 2007

is it me? [it probably is.]

or are the playoffs/NBA super boring these days? remember ewing vs zo? barkley vs jordan? ok ok so i won't fall into the nostalgia trap... but kirk hinrich vs billups? i guess amare vs duncan is kinda sweet. i really wanted the mavs vs the suns but whatever.

so what is it? has the talent of the league bottomed out? are the high school players diluting the pool?

or maybe the NBA is better than ever and i'm just bored. that golden state series was kinda sweet it's true, but whomever comes out of the jazz vs the warriors series will be crushed my phoenix or san antonio. then either of those teams will crush anyone in the east.

this phoenix vs san antonio series will we the best one in the playoffs... sucks

ugh san antonio vs detroit in the finals? fucking snoozefest!

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Jaro said...

ain't you. you're seeing the last gasps of a dying sport. I dunno about high school players or Stern's negro problem but this shit is not a viable product. lookin at Chris Webber tonight I thought damn in 5 years they'll be fighting world's strongest man in Sanya, China for ratings scraps...really