Thursday, November 22, 2007

ariel pink and cass mccombs played bowery ballroom. i was baffled!


J. Fisher said...

Hi Mr. Kuo,

I'm a journalism student at Columbia University. I'm writing a story about how McCarren Park Pool is going to turn back into a swimming pool. It sounds like you have seen a lot of the pool as a concert venue. I just moved to New York this fall, so I didn't get to see it with bands playing.

I wanted to get in touch with you because I thought you might have some opinions about the pool being filled with water and also some good stories about the place's history since 2005 as a concert venue.

I'm trying to get in touch with you this way since I don't know how else to do it. If you'd be able to talk to me let me know. My e-mail is jennydfisher (at)


m.m. said...

nice title for your show at 33 bond