Wednesday, November 14, 2007

hardly missing. hardly interesting.

ok so apparently isiah told eddy that he and marbury would be coming off the bench cause of their lack of tenacious D, which is fine by me and most fans i bet. then eddy goes and snitches to marbury and marbury flips and goes back home to coney island. on his way he says he's 'got dirt on isiah.' who doesn't! is this some epic marv albert 'biting hookers' material? is he gay? is he a bad coach? sorry steph after this summer i can't say anything would be a bombshell at this point.

marbury then realizes he makes $182,000 a night whether he starts, comes off the bench or just sits there in his warm-ups. he flies to LA to join the team.

to be continued....

DOUCHEBAGS! every single one of them!

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