Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"every blog i've ever loved has wanted to be hit." smog played a fader event on friday. it was crazy. jim white on drums and newsome on a grand piano.

not to get too too weird on you, but it was kind of a crucial situation for me. i mean, do you remember my last smog post [definitely not]? this dude has been making me bummed/psyched for half my life. CALLAHAAAN [with fist shaking in air]. of course i think joanna rules and i was 16 when i saw the dirty three shred NYC. jim white was just as good then. listen to 'rock bottom riser' again today and tell me it's not the best song ever. even better than akon!

here's jason's clip

here's jason with our best dude

some photos that seem like product placement for bud select

patrick's coverage [scroll to the bottom]

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