Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Mike D'Antoni's Career Wins


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What could be more prestigious for a football player than challenges to the national team of his country? Every young player who only takes his first steps in football dreams of playing among the best representatives of his country. However, in the history of football you can find many examples when an excellent footballer for one reason or another did not play in the national team. Here are 10 great players whose relationship with the national teams did not work out.

It is worth noting that those players who did not win anything with their team (for example, Ryan Giggs), but who regularly called in it and showed a high-level game in it, did not get into the rating. In addition, we tried to include representatives of different countries in the rating, so it is not surprising that someone did not get into the top ten. If you remember someone else, then mention him in the comments.

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Mike D'Antoni's Career Wins is a basketball player but now he's a professional basketball trainer. About Mike D'Antoni career wins he makes a record of 672 wins and losses in his coaching career.