Sunday, April 20, 2008

The story of your post playing career life, dude!

What does Steph have on you, anyway? Strippers? We already had our fill of that with the Ewing fiasco. Adultury? If Kobe can get off, so can you. Racism? Who isn't a little racist? Betting on Kicks games? That would be a funny one! So you're "gone". I'm not happy or sad. Just stop coaching/drafting/scouting/advising. It's not like you just sat back and watched this team dissolve... you did your best. You're better off selling your popcorn. Everyone loves popcorn.

What is that they say about hindsight? When Zeke got Marbury, I was pumped. When the Franchise trade was announced I had hope. I thought Z-bo would at least get us an 8th seed in this pathetic Eastern Conference. Douches!

Let the "You're Better Than That" era begin! I welcome Action Jackson with an open mind! How can you get worse than this? My only regret is that we'll lose him as a color man on T.V. Nobody hire Jeff Van Gundy please he's the last funny broadcaster left!

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Unknown said...

dude-the reign of IT turned me off from the NBA-and I hate IT for it. When can we have a team again? btw, the "captcha" i had to plug in for this comment was bsikewy- be sick ew-y...that's exactly the way the Knicks make me feel.---you think Charlie Ward took the power of prayer circles and sweet baby jesus with him when he left-thus crippling our team? will donnie fix this mess???? doubtful. with that said GO KNICKS!!!!!! even though it's been four years since i last gave a shit.