Tuesday, March 25, 2008


That fall looked pretty bad, dude. It's shocking how quickly teams and players go south in this league. Kidd was a triple double machine before getting traded!

If they get into the lottery it would be hilarious. A lottery pick, a trade or two, and this team could end up being good again next year. Moments like these make me think that the Knicks' situation really isn't all that [THAT] bad. I mean, they could turn it around in a season too, right? Right?

Not that Nash is faring any better. He is, but still. My favorite thing to say at a sports bar is: "But what has ______ won ever?" Is there a difference between being a Knicks fan and/or a Mavs fan as of today? The Suns? What have those teams ever won? Ok tons of exciting games while Marbury is crying at home thinking about dead babies, but humor me, please.

... and Donnie Walsh, huh? A 67 year old President of the New York Knicks. We'll see. Anything's better than Isiah for another year. The Knicks have killed basketball for me. You're dead to me, bitch.

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