Sunday, February 10, 2008

sometimes during fashion week you can catch some sweet shows. all i know is i don't know.


Anonymous said...

hello earl boykins!

super nice interresting blog you have there!!! i love your way of composing a review, so beautiful & clever at the same time!!!

i was wonedring if there is a way to talk to you in private? its stupid but did not find any other way to contact you! if so please let me know on

i'd like to know more about you and your work....i have a blog as well if you want to check where i'd love to introduce your work trough a review or an interview.

i've been long time collaborator of olivier zahm at purple fashion mag. and i guess we maybe have a common friend -- wendy at ooga booga?! (i saw the link on your blog)

voilĂ  if it can help to give you an idea of who im and what i do? and most important have a positive reply from you!

all the very best, dorothee perret

Anonymous said...