Wednesday, January 09, 2008

this week's interesting free agent fantasy pickups

one dude is a former 14 overall pick who had a doozie of a knee injury. but can shoot the lights out. on a team with no shooters! he's draining three's. i'm into it.

the other is a former #1 overall pick. he's not kandi man or kwame bad [his rookie ear was 15/8/1.6 blocks. second year? 18/9/1 block] but dude faded fast. now he's getting run in chi town and putting up numbers. you know how i feel about blocks [my favorite stat no biggie]

the third dude here should be playing more until i claim him.


Reno said...

who is that first guy? i actually thought it was boobie for a second... until i read 14th overall pick.

Anonymous said...


Reno said...