Saturday, December 01, 2007

what is there left to say

i came home to a sportscenter spot with a knicks fan throwing his jersey onto the court at the boston game. who's fault is it? we've been through all this. i think it's time for the players to man up and just play. sure zeke is a smug douche who laughs when fans boo him, but what're you gonna do? BOOOOOOO. at some point you use a $100 bill to wipe the tears from your face and play some defense. maybe run the court? maybe take a charge? box out a little? maybe deliver a hard foul to a dude cruising through the lane?

i have little sympathy, and the curiosity is waning. trade steph? why bother? it'd be great to get even a ty lue or a mike james to run this team. but a couple of good games and steph will be fine. and forget all that noise that every team has gotten better after he left. any time a player like jason kidd or steve nash takes over a team, the team gets better. the wolves certainly did not get much better after marbury left.

but somewhere chris childs is IMing charlie ward a 'smiley'.

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Carles said...

I heard Chris Childs sold Charlie Ward's Heisman Trophy on ebay.