Monday, July 30, 2007


KG: i'm here assholes!
paul pierce: sweet!
ray allen: sweet!
KG: your boy al jefferson looks like frankenstein
paul pierce: duder, he was sick. you better bring 25/10 cause that's what we let walk...
KG: chuzzill paul, i'm the #1 ranked fantasy player!
ray allen: real talk!
paul pierce: are we gonna kill it this year or are we gonna kill it?
ray allen and KG: WE'RE GONNA KILL IT!
KG: can we go to NY on off days and go to flashdancers? boston kinda sucks.
ray allen: i know, what's the deal with the bars closing so early.
KG: do i have to call you jesus, ray?
ray allen: that would be nice. ihey you guys wanna come over and watch my movie?
KG: not really.
paul pierce: my nickname is the worst out of all of us.
KG: you want the 'truth'? i'm gonna take a crap on the entire eastern conference!
ray allen and paul pierce: YAAAAY

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