Thursday, June 28, 2007


hate it. i know i know 23.6 points and 10.1 rebounds per game in 1006-07. this move will make thanksgiving dinner at the dolans' really thankful because they'll get into the first round of the playoffs. cha-ching! who cares that it's a sweep? no lottery pick again? no problem!

the blazers are gonna buy out francis' contract. why couldn't the knicks? and z-bo has 6 years left on his contract worth 61 million. ARGHH! this is exactly what the knicks should avoid! HUGE contracts with players who are either prone to injury or are one-dimensional.

z-bo has had micro-fracture surgery and can't block a shot to save his life. eddy curry has a heart condition and can't buy a block with all those millions. what a soft front line! dough-boys. can we get some toughness? please?

i kinda laugh at dickau on the team cause we finally have a fundamentally sound PG. fred jones proved he can shoot a little too. ok not complete garbage. but still. seeya nba finals til 2020...

also, the celtics now hold ray allen and allen ray on their team. smoke em if you got em!

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m.m. said...

it's the trees i do battle with for the light!